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     My name is RichardMasonHughes and it is a pleasure to meet you. As some of you may know, I've completed various shoots for Pete over the years. We recently decided to join forces to further build the HDwerks brand and online presence. I'll be here capturing media, creating content and chatting away on the new blog for HDwerks. The first task was to capture a set of this sinister Fisker.



Location 1: Boynton Art District

    I decided to go with the Boynton Art District to add some diversity. Why not create art with more art? 

Choosing a good location was rough. Normally I'm thinking about myself when hunting for spots but this time I had to take BigAppleMagic into consideration. Yup, we collaborated on this set.

BAM and myself have worked together on a few shoots in the past, so work flow was easy. I won't force you to read the whole blog to find the vid. Click Here to see the Magic!

      The car is a head turner. Almost as if they were meant to be slammed. The low profile in the design combined with the long body and huge wheel arches makes it stand out. Add an air kit to tuck the 21's and we now have art.

Location 2 Parking Garage

    We met up around 5p.m., after shooting we realized there was plenty of light remaining. I threw out the idea of heading downtown, to get some city shots and everyone agreed.


That idea quickly turned in to a regretful decision; we drove into a storm. I decided a parking garage was the best option especially with the weather being so unpredictable.

I spent a lot of time staring at it. It really is something you don't see everyday. What makes the car special is the fact that this has never been done before. An original air setup was created in house; the struts and other pieces had to be designed based of the original components then made to work with the management system.  


The location I had the least hope for ended up delivering my favorite shots of the set. I added some pizzaz to the sky to bring out the intensity in clouds left over from the storm.

       The break from the rain was short lived and a 2nd storm quickly rolled in with heavy drizzle. By the time we drove out of the garage it was raining again.

I'm beyond satisfied with what was captured. Thank you to Chris, the owner, for hanging with us that day and major thanks to BAM for coming through and having the video ready on time! Click Here to see the vid if you missed the link above.

Now that I'll be shooting regularly for the shop, build process details and images will be part of the write-ups to come, until then... stay tuned for the next one.



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