Sport Trac?

         It's safe to say most ppl would never consider lifting one of these. At least not here in Florida. When I met Erik, the man with the build request, I had to ask, why a Sport Trac?  I got an answer I did not expect. He promised his wife he would build her anything she wanted. He told me he had an f-250 or something along those lines in his head; a beefy lifted diesel of some sort, instead she showed him a cute little sport track.

     He told me she loved it. Being a good husband he followed through with his word and purchased it. It was bought out of state and looked over by a "credible" source, then shipped to his brother to get it anything it needed before being driven down.


     He tells me it then all goes downhill from there. The source must have missed the ridiculous amount of rust underneath. His brother said you could literally poke holes through multiple parts of the frame. I would have more shots but I was told it turned to dust shortly after.

      The entire frame and everything else had to be replaced. Luckily a clean donor was found from a roll over for little to nothing and with some help he was able to get everything for the drivetrain brand new. The clean shell and interior from rusty was fitted on to a clean repainted frame built with all new parts. No rust in sight.

     A full exhaust was also requested. With the use of at Vibrant Performance stainless steel pieces, Pete was able to put together an exhaust system with a neat exit.

      I must have neglected to say he still committed to lifting her truck, oops. A full restoration underneath and some custom bits made the boring sport track....sick nasty!

    That is what a Sport Trac would look like if Hot Wheels made it, lol.

Another done in the books and gone. We have two other trucks here and I can now get all the inside details of each build. I'm dropping some more shots below. See y'all uhhh Friday?


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