Sunrise Apache

     This week the Apache was back in for some upgrades to the air suspension. We also took the opportunity to get in a proper photo set. We got up early and hit the ocean to see if we could catch a good sunrise. My drive was 45 mins so I was out before any light showed itself. Once I arrived closer to ocean the sky started to tease me with it's colors.

      When I arrived to the location, I was amazed with what I saw. The sky was beyond intense. The sun started to fill it with color and a storm cooked up a water spout. It didn't last long but the rain created a mist that sucked up the color which lingered there the entire shoot.


      Within seconds the sun began to show itself from under the water line. With heavy clouds sitting right above, it made a small window for the light to escape. In most cases cloud cover like that would ruin a good sunset. Luckily the stars aligned for us the night before and what we experienced was nothing short of amazing.


    It was hard to focus on shooting with so much beauty going on but the sun was wasting no time and continued to climb rapidly. I quickly dialed my settings in and got serious knowing this was only going to last a few more minutes.

With plenty of the rear captured we spun it around to get more of the front. Time was of the essence but I still managed to get a few detail shots before rolling out to the next location.

The Apache was released by Chevrolet back in 1955 and continued to 1960 with different variations. This model ran from '58 - '59 and was available with either the step side bed or the fleet side option. Minor changes were made to the exterior of the truck we shot. The bumpers were lowered to complete the look when it's aired out and a set of Detroit steelies with dice stem caps took care of the rolling situation.


With the old system out it is now sitting on dominator bags and the Airlift 3p for management. A manual old school system was the original setup, which was removed to make room for the updated parts. New lines were ran and the old switches were replaced with the Air Lift Performance 3 controller.


Rolling only a few inches higher with all the patina from it's many years on this planet, one can't help but to stare at it. On the way to the second location we decided to make a quick stop. We spotted the building from the beach and figured it could provide a good shooting situation. With nowhere available to park it near the building we quickly ran out of options.

Having only a few minutes to spare, the truck was dropped in front of the huge building. Workers stopped and stared as we casually left it in the intersection. The angles put me in the middle of the street, capturing photos while playing frogger was the only way. We made this stop short to avoid cops or a pissed of contractor.


For the next stop we hit the near-by parking garages. The sunrise was over but the morning sun was still behind the clouds, which allowed the light to increase but not blow everything out. With more light available the lines and styling were more noticeable. The shape of the hood combined with the circular headlights and robust grille made it hard to believe that this is how they were sold from factory.


Many details make this truck special. The paint, stance, and minor parts and pieces come together to make something that can only be described as art. I used this moment to bring myself closer to capture detail shots. It is refreshing shooting a vehicle the shows off it's age. I didn't have to touch any part of the car during post production. Shooting up close, I also didn't have to worry about removing any blemishes or adjusting my angles to hide imperfections. The "imperfections" are why this truck is amazing.

Old but just as reliable as anything on the street, the updated engine removes any worries one might have when it comes to reliability. Combined with the suspension, the ride was exceptionally smooth and it accelerated with ease. We wrapped up shooting on the roof and made one more stop.

While watching it move on the streets, I knew I had to get some panning shots before we called it a wrap. Surrounded by cars way newer, it doesn't take long for one to appreciate the fact this truck is still on the road today.

The Apache is definitely a head turner. It looks as if it may need help, yet has the soul and heart to flex on the best. The presence created by it's character is what makes it unique. Glad I was able to shoot especially with the amazing sunrise we were blessed with.